Mastercraft Autobody offers a 24 hour towing service and storage facility all under one roof, all with 24 hour security.
Our tow operators conform to the client’s insurance clauses and further assist the customer by calling the client's insurance call centre, thereby helping to make the process hassle free. Towing rates are charged in accordance with the rates as set by the customer’s insurance companies.
Our tow truck drivers offer medical assistance by contacting ambulance services, if and when required. Further to this, our tow truck drivers ensure the customer is safely taken to their destination by offering a courtesy lift. We undertake to conduct our business with reputable tow trucks so as to ensure our clients are not vulnerable to any misconduct.     
At the point of the accident our friendly drivers will assist you with towing procedures. They will explain insurance procedures and offer necessary assistance where needed. When all procedures are in place, the vehicle is towed to Mastercraft Autobody's premises. Both the owner, Farook Saib and General Manager, Nizam are available to liaise with customers regarding any queries they might have.